I have experience in working with a wide variety
of stone, including:

limestone, sandstone
millstone grit, pennant and shale.
drystone walling

I am happy to show prospective customers photographs of my work. They may give you ideas of what you might like to have built in stone, either dry or mortared.

I have 25 years experience of building new and repairing old drystone walls.

I have worked in various settings, both rural and urban, ranging from enclosed gardens to open woodland.

I never sub-contract, I do all the stonework.

I hold the Advanced Certificate of the Dry Stone Walling Association and am a designated Level 2 Instructor

I have run training courses for the National Trust, the Gwent Wildlife Trust, Wye Valley AONB, and other organisations.

As part of my continuing interest in all aspects of drystone walling, I was awarded in 2015 a PhD in archaeology from the University of Wales for my study of its use in upland vernacular architecture